Renting out properties to companies

Are you considering renting out your apartment or house? Or are you a company wanting to rent out several properties to other companies? We have the answers to your questions.

How do you become a landlord with Swedacco?

A landlord can be anything from a person who rents out their home to another individual to a real estate company whose entire business consists of renting out hundreds of properties to companies. Therefore, it’s difficult to specify what being a landlord entails. With that said, we’ll guide you through everything needed for you to rent out your property in Sweden.

What should you keep in mind when renting out real estate?

Something to consider as a landlord is whether you want to rent out your property to companies or individuals. Renting out real estate to companies is often the safer choice, as a company has a more stable financial situation than an individual. In addition, a company can rent several units at once and become a regular tenant. The next question is whether you want to handle the process by yourself or if you want to use an intermediary. If you rent it out yourself, you are responsible for all work. If you use an intermediary, you’ll naturally get help.

Do you need a permit to rent out a home?

Some properties require permits for renting them out. The required permit depends on the type of housing you are renting out. In general, apartments require a permit, while houses don’t. In addition to permits, it’s essential to have a rental agreement in place. A rental agreement ensures that both the landlord and the tenant know the terms and rules of the rental. It will, of course, be extra crucial if problems should arise. Should something happen to the property during the rental period, it’s therefore also important to have insurance, such as home insurance and liability insurance.

How do you find tenants?

There are various ways to find tenants – it can be someone you know, or you can use any platform where you can advertise your home. Regardless of how you proceed, finding a tenant is often a time-consuming process. First and foremost, you need to showcase your unit using text and images. Once that’s done, the next phase begins. It’s time to communicate with potential tenants, possibly show them your home, and take references. Later, when the tenant terminates the agreement, you need to start again. This can feel overwhelming, which is why many landlords use an intermediary.

Why is it popular to use an intermediary when renting out properties?

As mentioned earlier, finding tenants can be challenging, especially when renting out multiple units. If you use an intermediary instead, it’s their responsibility to ensure your property is rented out. This means that when you use Swedacco to rent your property, we act as your tenant. You don’t need to think about whether someone is renting your property or not – because we already do. We work mainly with corporate customers whose employees work on specific projects. This means that we always know in advance how long a contract will be, and can thus plan so that when one tenant moves out, another tenant moves in. We’re also responsible for all communication with tenants – both before and during the rental period, including listing it.

In addition, we handle all paperwork, such as contracts, rental invoices, insurance and similar. We have all legal responsibility towards the tenants and guarantee that you get paid. We are also the ones who make sure that the tenant receives and returns keys and that the property is cleaned before and after the residential period. We also know the rules that apply in the Swedish market and what applies when renting apartments in Sweden - in this way we can guide you in what is important to consider. To sum up – the advantage of using an intermediary is that as a property owner, you hardly need to do anything. The intermediary takes on all the responsibility while you get the majority of the rental income.

What rental income can you expect?

The rent is, of course, based on how attractive your property is. This depends on factors such as location, size and quality. With that being said, there are also regulations you need to take into account. In Sweden, a property must be rented out at a so-called reasonable rent. When we rent out your property, we’ll help you determine a reasonable rent for your property.

What do you pay in taxes when you rent out real estate?

When you rent out real estate, you may have to pay tax. How much and which rules apply depends, among other things, on whether you rent out properties as a private person or company and what rent you charge. For updated information, we refer to the Swedish Tax Agency, where you can read more about it.

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