Cookie Policy.

What are cookies and how do we use them?

On our website,, we use so-called cookies. Cookies are small text files placed on your computer or the device you use to visit our website. Cookies ensure that the website works as well as possible. They also provide us with information for you to have a good user experience and for it to be easy for you to use the website.

Different types of cookies depending on the life span and origin:

• Session cookies are temporarily stored on your device and deleted when you shut down your browser.

• Permanent cookies will remain on your device for a certain period or until you choose to remove them.

• First-party cookies are placed on your device by us and collect information that we use.

• Third-party cookies are provided by other than us and are used, for example, to collect information for advertising and tailor-made content as well as for web statistics.

Cookies are also categorised into different types based on functionality:

• Necessary cookies are needed for our website and all functions to work, e.g. to be able to have a chat function.

• Preference cookies are used for improved functionality and personalization, e.g. language.

• Statistic/analysis cookies help us count the number of visitors, see where the visitors come from and what parts of our website are used most, so we can improve the website and its performance.

• Marketing cookies are used to promote us, usually on third party websites, by collecting information about your activities on our website. Thanks to the information gathered, the marketing becomes as relevant and interesting to you as possible.